I really enjoy working on Financier to make a product that people like to use. I have a couple channels below so that you can get involved in Financier's future, and also for you to get help. Enjoy! 😁


Financier now has a brand new forum for discussing Financier, Personal Finance, and other topics. Come check it out.


Join us over at /r/financier! This is our official subreddit. You can ask questions and discuss with other users.


Financier's frontend code is open source! Check it out on Github.


Slack provides chat for Financier users. Anyone can join our slack team. To join, click the button below:


You can check out Facebook where I will post updates and other stuff related to Financier.


Twitter is another way to get updates. @financier_io


Anyone can visit my Trello board and comment on any existing issue. Get your feedback on the table!

Get in touch directly

If you want to get in touch with me directly, you can always email me at I welcome all constructive feedback!