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Better budgeting software

No sign up required. Works completely offline.

Create your budget

Financier is in active development. There may be missing features.
Send us an email if you encounter any issues.


100% offline web app

Click the button above to go the the app, remove your internet connection, and refresh the page. The app will still be available!

By being a web app, this app works across all platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). Just make sure you have a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).


Free without syncing

Financier is free to use as long as you want, with one catch:

Your budget data will not be available in other browsers or on other computers and could be lost if you clear your browser's data, since your data is not synced but kept on your device instead.

If you like it, please consider the paid plan below!

$12/year with syncing

That's only one dollar per month. Just one. We want to be affordable for you -- budgeting should not break your budget!

If you want to sync your budgets to ensure you do not accidentally lose them, please sign up for our paid plan.

You can still use Financier completely offline like in the free version and once you come back online your budgets will sync. Magic.

How to use

Using Financier should be straightforward. There are three main views: budget, accounts and reports.

Budget is the main dashboard for viewing month-to-month budgets. Here you can edit the budget for your various categories and see how you're doing.

Accounts is where you enter transactions and income as they show up in your bank account(s) or credit card(s). After you add a transaction or income, head back on over to budget to budget your income or assess your budget.

Reports is where you can see trends over the span of many months in various visualizations.

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